Campaign Management

Our approach

With GDPR on the horizon it’s essential that marketing data is clean, relevant and up to date. We use software that ensures data meets legal requirements, and is not removed unless it is absolutely necessary, after all, data can be expensive to acquire.

We receive client data via our secure FTP and process and cleanse it in accordance with a client brief. We then place it back on our FTP ready for our client or third party to access and use. Any records removed can be provided back.

Why do organisations come to us?

We have been working with marketing data for nearly 15 years, so it makes sense to work with people that know what they’re doing. Our expertise ensures data that is out of date or incomplete can be enriched and enhancement, making it relevant again.

For contacts that have moved address we can sometimes replace the old address with a new one. It is more viable to re-engage with existing clients than to acquire new ones. We ensure that deceased contacts as well as those that have moved address are removed from your data – these are then supplied back to you to update internal records.

By removing duplicate records as well as the aforementioned deceased or mover records we can reduce campaign waste, and costs, whilst improving return on investment. For many new clients we typically remove circa 25% of records – this may sound high, and even painful, but obsolete data can be a liability and mean non-compliance with GDPR. Fines issued by the ICO due to non-compliance can be up to 4% of global turnover, so it pays to keep data clean and relevant.

How can we help?

We can provide you ongoing support, or ad hoc, this depends on your specific needs. We will set up a folder for you on our secure FTP, then it’s just a case of dropping the data file into the folder and sending us any details by email, including the data brief. For quickness some clients do not keep recreating data briefs, they ask us to follow a preconfigured template that we follow for every data job.

Once the data is ready we’ll let you know by email or telephone call. As mentioned previously, we do not use ticketing systems, we get on with the job as quickly as we can.

Please give us a call on 01793 423 849 or drop us an email at for more information.