CRM Management

1. Client:

A medium sized charity based in Scotland.

2. Issue:

The database manager had suddenly left, campaigns were due to be prepared and sent within the next 8 weeks and nobody internally had the expertise to fulfil the role.

3. Solution:

To contract a new full-time Database Manager, and to use a CRM Management company to fill the role temporarily.

4. What we did:

We were contacted by the charity and informed of the urgency required to get up to speed with the CRM software. Our first priority was to liaise with the charity’s outsourced IT company to allow a direct connection to a computer that had the thankQ CRM software installed.

We then began to familiarise ourselves with the CRM and how it was used at that particular charity. We were then supplied data briefs in order to perform:

  • Complex data extracts
  • CRM data updates from JustGiving and other sources
  • Reporting

We were also tasked with creating several automated import processes in the CRM.

5. Outcome:

We provided support for a total of 6 weeks until the full-time Database Manager started. We completed the automated import processes and ensured required data files were completed on time.

Our capacity to react quickly and support the client almost immediately ensured campaigns were completed on time – a potentially dangerous situation for the charity was averted and workflow efficiencies made by the automated import processes.