Outsourcing & Remote Access

1. Client:

  • A direct mail & digital agency
  • A charity

2. Issue:

A member of the data team had decided to leave and a replacement was required. There was not enough work for a full-time employee.

3. Solution:

To find a qualified part-time employee or outsource the work to a specialist data company.

4. What we did:

We went and spoke with relevant stakeholders within the organisation to gather information on what a new part-time employee would be tasked with doing. Using this information we put a proposal together that would fit in with the financial constraints of the department.

We took a total of 10 working days to visit the client, gather requirements and put a proposal forward to the managing director.

5. Outcome:

The managing director took three weeks to make a decision – this was mainly due to the fact he wanted to make further enquiries regarding a part-time employee. We were eventually awarded the contract due to:

  • Business continuity
  • We provided 365 day cover, allowing us to support the organisation during periods where staff were on holiday or sick
  • The solution was cost-effective, and allowed some flexibility
  • Our skill sets allowed for a direct employee replacement
  • The retainer in place provided guarantees for both parties
  • We did not need to be physically at the organisation – we could use remote access software