Small Business Solution

1. Client:

A local company providing support and maintenance to boilers and central heating.

2. Issue:

The company was growing and it was difficult for the company administrator to efficiently keep on top of all tasks. One laborious task was to divide up the day’s work between the three engineers, ensuring that work was given to the right engineer – each engineer had their own skill sets.

The administrator needed live updates on how work was progressing, along with information on work completed in order to invoice clients, create follow-ups, buy in parts and so on.

The lead engineer needed to be able to see the schedules of the other engineers, but they were not allowed to see his schedule. Engineers tended to invoice clients themselves, but the administrator wanted to take over this task.

3. Solution:

A system that allowed the synchronisation of information across devices. Engineers would be accessing any software on their mobile devices.

4. What we did:

We went and sat down with the client to understand the current issues. We discovered, after several conversations, that additional requirements were required. These included:

  • Real-time updates
  • Templates for each day’s work schedule, that engineers could fill in
  • A system that was proven, as others had failed miserably previously
  • A back-up ensuring that any device losses would not mean total data loss

Once the initial requirements gathering process was completed we set about finding a cost-effective solution for the client.

5. Outcome:

After analysing several potential solutions we found that a Microsoft Office 365 subscription for Business would more than suffice. It provided:

  • A full back-up data solution on different devices, including computers and mobile devices, via OneDrive
  • A software package called OneNote that was easy to update on a mobile device, and could be synced at the press of a button
  • We had been using it at Tailored Data Solutions and could recommend it

We helped the client install Office 365 on all required devices, providing training on how to use OneNote. The templates we provided are used by both the administrator and the engineers.

Our solution has ensured the business is both more efficient and more resilient. The administrator can now invoice within minutes of the engineer leaving the client’s premises, and engineers can use their time more effectively.