Data Analysis

Our approach

Data analysis can reveal previously unknown insights about your data. We have been taking on more analysis projects as organisations look to their data to give them an edge in their sector.

The analysis we do will depend on the organisation’s data goals. Some of our clients want to know what promotions have been the most effective, others want to know the lifetime value of their clients, some want to know whether women buy more light or dark colour clothers, it really does depend. We like to take a bottom up approach, allowing the data to provide the trends.

We will need a full data extract, uploaded to our secure FTP, containing relevant attributes for the data analysis project required.

Why do organisations come to us?

More organisations are discovering the value of their data. It’s astonishing the number of organisations that store data, then do nothing or little with it. Good data is like gold dust, and should be used to make better business decisions.

We have supported several organisations with improving their marketing campaign effectiveness, their income and turnover, their business decisions and much more as their data has revealed invaluable information.

How can we help?

We recommend cleansing, enriching and enhancing all data before carrying out any analysis. This ensures the data is as clean and relevant as it can be before being analysed. Inaccurate data can skew results and provide incorrect insights.

We can profile and segment the data allowing a deeper insight. Standard analysis includes regression, propensity modelling and more, providing results back in a standard report or online dashboard.

For more information on how we could help you with your data please give us a call on 01793 423 849 or drop us an email at