Data Department

Our approach

We provide a fully operational Data department that fits into your existing departmental structure, albeit from an off-site location.

Our onboarding process ensures we meet key staff within the organisation and fully understand your data needs. Moreover, we will visit on a regular basis to strengthen relationships.

We do not use a ticketing system, you will not be put in a queue – all data needs are fulfilled as and when you need them!

Why do organisations come to us?

There are two main reasons why organisations look to Tailored Data for a Data department.

  • They currently have no data capacity, and would like to offer it as part of other services they offer.
  • They need to reduce internal data costs, and outsourcing is a way of doing this.

We provide a white label solution, and because we are ISO 27001 certified, our clients know that their data will be secure at all times.

We also support some organistions with short-term issues, such as maternity or paternity leave, sickness and holiday.

How can we help?

We provide different data services, each client has their own set of data requirements and these form their unique Data department. We have listed our main services below, starting with our most popular at the top:

  • Database management – DBA for internal or cloud based databases.
  • Data cleanse, enrich & enhance – ensuring internal data is clean, relevant and up to date (GDPR compliance).
  • Campaign management – ensuring data is ready for any marketing campaigns, such as direct mail or telemarketing.
  • Data analysis – providing in-depth analysis of data using dashboard reporting visualisations.
  • General data tasks – this encompasses a range of tasks including converting, analysing and moving data.

Your requirements are specific to your organisation, we can tailor a package to your needs. If there is a service you need not listed above we may be able to provide it.

For more information please call on 01793 423 849 or drop us an email at