GDPR Consultancy

Our approach

With GDPR around the corner it is becoming more urgent for organisations to become compliant. We offer two forms of consultancy:

  • For small and medium sized organisations we can support with documentation including processes and policies, as well as ensuring their data is compliant.
  • For organisations of any size we can ensure their data is compliant.

As per the regulation data must be both accurate and up to date – we use industry leading software that cleanses contact type data – this results in accurate, relevant and up to date data.

We will visit the customer and talk through requirements, then generate a set of recommendations that will guarantee compliance on all fronts. We will then support the customer on the journey until compliance is achieved.

Why do organisations come to us?

We have been working with data for nearly 15 years and are the go-to for many organisations, both for data work and consultancy. We are supporting organisations of all types, from the tiny to the very large. Some have not been happy with the support and guidance they have received from self-proclaimed GDPR specialists and have come to us for support or a second opinion.

How can we help?

We can come to visit at a date and time convenient to you – there is no commitment at this stage. Once we have information about your organisation (size, offices, departments, sector, etc.) we will put forward a set of recommendations in a quotation. We will support you from beginning to end, ensuring you are fully compliant.