How can we help bureaux?

Mike’s career started at a local bureau, and his insight and experience in the sector will ensure any data solution adds real value to operations.

We support bureaux with their data operations, allowing them to outsource their data processing and cleansing work. Being cost-effective is key, therefore our tailored solution is built around actual requirements. Moreover, we regularly visit our clients ensuring we are ready for the peak processing times!

Benefits for bureaux

With GDPR enforcement on the horizon we are expecting mailing quantities to decrease, not signicantly, but bureaux may want to consider using our services instead of running an in-house data department.

For any organisation looking to maximise productivity it makes sense to consider an outsourced solution, simply because you only pay for what you use. We can support organisations along this path, and our solution means data expertise is available on tap.

So, for any organisation looking to reduce waste, increase data expertise, leading to an increase on the bottom line it is worth considering Tailored Data as your preferred data partner.

If you would like to know more about the benefits we can offer bureaux please contact us on 01793 423 849  or email us at info@tailored-data.co.uk