Third Sector

How can we help the Third sector?

Some charities have taken the step to get their data ready for GDPR now, it makes sense espcially as the ICO has dished out some severe fines in the industry. Our GDPR Compliance Report provides an easy way for charities to see the state of their data, and it’s totally free. We only charge at the point the client would like us to action something, such as removing any deceased or mover records.

We know how difficult it is to retain donors, it’s said that someone that already knows the charity is much more likely to make another donation, therefore we provide an address update service that will pull in the new address for anyone that has moved. This has two major benefits. First, it allows the charity to stay engaged with an existing supporter, and second it ensures you are compliant with the new GDPR rules due to come into force in May 2018.

As per GDPR rules data must be both accurate and kept up to date. We can provide a monthly cleansing service ensuring data is legal, always, and won’t mean any hefty fines. Any non-compliance could mean fines of up to 4% of global turnover meaning compliance is an investment.

Benefits for the Third sector

It goes without saying that charities have reputations to protect, it can take many years of hard work to create that reputation, therefore by putting data compliance at the heart of everything you do your brand will be protected.

Another area, sometimes looked over, is that bad practice can creap into charity processes meaning databases can end up with hundreds of thousands of records. However, it is a classic case of quantity over quality, and GDPR is about removing obsolete data. By using our services charities can remove the movers, duplicates and poor records. Whilst this can be quite painful in the short-term, as quantities reduce, what is left over is a pot of data that can be used now. Nobody should be contacting people that have passed away, it’s painful for the family.

As mentioned we provide a no obligation compliance report, but you may be tempted by our outsourced data solution that will mean your data is always clean and legal.

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