Address Update

Did you know?

It is cheaper to re-engage with someone who already knows about you than to develop someone from scratch.

What is address update?

It is the process of using an old address to find a new one. People move on average every 8 years, and not everyone that moves tells every charity, or insurance company, or family member… you get the gist,  that they’ve moved. For organisations such as charities they are fighting a never ending battle attempting to stay in contact with their supporters, and that’s where address update can help.

We have access to four leading address update databases meaning we can provide you with the new address, allowing you to stay engaged with your customer base.

What do I need address update?

If you have valuable customers, or you value your customers, then address update is for you. For a small fee we can provide you with the new address. It’ll allow you to re-engage with lost customers, and save costs on acquiring new customers through cold channels.