Campaign Management

Did you know?

Millions of mailing packs do not reach their destination every year due to poor or missing address data.

Millions more packs do not get to the intended recipient because they have either moved address or passed away.

What is campaign management?

If you’re looking to use data as part of a marketing campaign then it’s very likely you’ll need campaign management. It involves normalisation and standardisation of your data, ensuring it’s in a unified format, then going through processes to guarantee its relevance and cleanliness. Some of the processes include:

  • Removing duplicate records
  • Merging the same records
  • Removing non-standard records, such as overseas, blank addresses, companies & similar
  • Adding in missing data, such as postcodes, telephone number and emails
  • Suppressing records matched against the Mailing Preference Service, deceased and goneaway databases
  • Re-engaging with existing customers & donors by pulling in their new addresses

Why do I need campaign management?

If you mail contacts that are on the Mailing Preference Service database you could end up in deep water with the ICO, and get some bad publicity.

Likewise, stop marketing to people that have moved address or passed away – it will negatively impact your brand and will cost you money.

The savings you can make by removing people that shouldn’t be in your marketing campaign are huge. If you can remove 10,000 records, and each mailing pack costs £1.50 to develop and send, that’s £15,000 back in your pocket.


Customer Story

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