Did you know?

Enhancing contact data can lead to an improvement in delivery rates, a reduction in bounce backs, and you saving money.

What is data enhance?

Data can come from many different sources in varying formats, bringing it all together whilst maintaining data quality can be a challenge. Moreover, the data can come in incomplete or incorrect. Under new GDPR rules data must be correct and up to date, this places additional responsibility on database administrators to improve data quality.

Common data issues include a missing line of address, such as a town or postcode, duplicates or address lines in the wrong order.

We have access to the postcode address file (PAF) from Royal Mail. It contains the most up to date list of addresses, and can even give us the addresses within holiday parks, care homes and converted houses to flats. We use this information to ensure your data is both correct and up to date.

What do I need data enhance?

Firstly, you must ensure you adhere to new GDPR regulations. By updating your data you are making sure it is correct. It goes without saying that it makes sense to have good quality data on a database, otherwise why have it in the first place, what can be done with poor data?

In our experience there are only two options, update or delete data as poor data can soon become a liability. It can give you the impression you have a huge database with lots of high value customers, the reality can be quite different.