Did you know?

Enriching existing data can allow you to target customers with multi-channel marketing.

What is data enrich?

So, leading on from the first section above, why would anyone want to use multi-channel marketing? Let’s take the example of a hairdresser, that has around 100 clients. If she, or he, has available slots in the next couple of days would it make sense sending an SMS to her clients that haven’t been to the salon for the past 60 days?

With a little knowledge the hairdresser could get the campaign out in around 10 minutes, at a cost of no more than £2. It could be the nudge a few customers need to get back to the salon. So that’s SMS, but you can easily send out an email too – it’s about making noise, then it’s up to the customer to make a decision.

Now, let’s scale this up a bit to your larger organisations, such as charities or insurance companies. With hundreds of thousands of donors and customers a campaign can be more costly, but economies of scale come into this. With supporters providing donations, and customers renewing their policies, all because you sent the mailshot, sent the email and then followed up with an SMS, it’s a win-win.

Data enrichment provides the missing data you need to get multi-channel marketing working effectively. We can help with addresses, telephone numbers, mobile numbers and emails.

Why do I need data enrich?

If you plan on making noise, then obtaining additional data to complement your existing data is key. If you want to keep your contacts warm, then sending the odd email or SMS here and there will keep them interested and engaged.

Different profiles have different requirements, therefore having the data to engage properly is paramount to meeting your objectives. Some people prefer something tangible, such as a mailshot, others prefer emails or SMS.