Cygnus Expertise

Our software

We use lots of software packages; SPSS, Power BI, SQL Server and a few more. Cygnus is what we use process and cleanse our customers’ data, removing duplicates, deceased, mover records and a few other things along the way.

Some organisations prefer to keep Cygnus in-house, ensuring the data stays in-house. For some clients we remotely access Cygnus, providing the expertise the customer wants without data moving off-site.

Why do organisations need Cygnus expertise?

Some organisations may need temporary cover for any staff on leave or sick, others may decide it is cost-effective to oursource the work to an organisation like specialised in Cygnus.

How can we help?

We can guarantee that our solution will be cost-effective, saving you money in the long-term. We will need a remote connection, but data will be kept on-site at all times.