Night Data

What is Night Data?

It is a service aimed at organisations that need their data cleansed and processed urgently, ready for the next morning. We work with some organisations, such as those in the third sector, that have emergency campaigns.

We have a structure in place that allows us to get your data ready for the morning. As long as it’s supplied by 6 pm we’ll have it back to you by 9 am.

Why may organisations need night data?

Some things need to be done quickly, and why not get data processing and cleansing done during the night ready for the morning? It’s not just the third sector that could benefit, it’s any organisation that needs to make better use of time during the day.

Our Night Data service can help increase productivity, and if you’re looking for expertise then you may want to consider our outsourced data management service.

How can we help?

If it’s Night Data you need then we’ll need a brief and any data files before 6 pm. We’ll then place your finished data file ready for collecting on our sFTP. It really is that simple!