Outsourced Solution

Our approach

We provide two main types of data management for our clients:

  • Data management
  • Database management.

We provide the services remotely and frequently visit our clients to provide updates and gather information on scheduled work. This ensures we are ready for any peaks in workload.

Why do organisations come to us?

We specialise in data cleansing and processing, we provide cost-effective solutions that enables organisations to outsource their data work to us. Moreover, we only charge for what our customers need.

Our white labelled solution ensures organisations get the expertise and allocated time they need without the overheads of having to hire internally. We are available all year round, and can cover for any sickness or leave.

We know organisations need flexibility, that may mean we need to work extra hard during one week, and not so much another. It’s why we have regular catch-ups with our clients to ensure we can act at the right times.

How can we help?

We can help you with managing data, or managing a database, or with both. Our database expertise includes:

  • SQL Server – all versions
  • CRM systems
  • Bespoke developments.

On the data front we can support you with all the services available on our site:

  • Campaign managment
  • Suppressions
  • Data enhance
  • Data enrich
  • De-duplication
  • Others.

We tailor every single package to your requirements, it goes without saying that every customer is unique.


Customer Stories

For an example of how we have provided a business with an Outsourced Solution read our Customers Story