Bespoke CRM

Our approach

Some of our customers have very bespoke requirements, an off-the-shelf solution does not provide the functionality required. Therefore, we offer a complete solution where we will build a user interface and back-end database.

We scope out any requirements with the client and deliver within an agreed timetable. Moreover, we ensure that technology is fit for purpose ensuruing costs are kept to a minimum.

What is a CRM?

A customer relationship management system allows clients to manage their data all in one place. The main benefit is that it can replace a fragmented system, with data stored in different places. Data that is in one place can be analysed better, with insights generated and actions taken.

A CRM can store much more than names and addresses, it can provide campaign and historical data that can be used to generate further insights. Any cost associated with a CRM should be considered an investment, simply because of what can come about from it.

Why do I need a CRM?

If you are looking to generate additional revenue from existing clients then a CRM should be considered. As mentioned above it should be considered an investment, data is key for any organisation looking to grow, become more efficient and reduce waste. Moreover, it is a tool that most departments can utilise.