Why should you work with Tailored Data Solutions?


Why should you work with Tailored Data Solutions?

It may be a cliché, but today, we really are living in a digital world, all wrapped up within the Internet of Things. Information flows rapidly around the globe, showing scant regard for borders.

To sell products and services requires a sophisticated approach that wasn’t required a mere five years ago. But should you – must you – invest in your data? Especially in how to store it, protect it, look after it and make sure you are using it correctly for all your marketing techniques?

Well, the answer is ‘yes’.

Isn’t it just a cake walk?

So, how simple is this data malarkey? Do you have the right skills available? Would running it yourself drain your precious time and divert your focus from running your business, and would recruiting and retaining a department whose sole purpose is to look after all your data be money well spent, or prove to be an expensive luxury?

Along with the evolution of technology comes greater complexity, where traditional demographics seem to be fuzzy at best. Trends are shorter lived than a decade ago. Digital devices morph, evolve and die faster than a summer butterfly.

Surrounding it all are new regulations on how you must deal with your customers. With the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data regulation is now a large hungry shark that just happens to be wearing a policeman’s hat.

What can appear simple soon drifts into a world of sophisticated legislation affecting your campaigns and creating restrictions on how to connect with not only customers, but potential new markets. Good marketing needs good skills, but great marketing will now need all the right mechanisms and management of data to ensure you are doing everything correctly.

To outsource or not to outsource? That is the question

To get that something extra, it pays to look to the experts. Great data companies like ourselves offer something you cannot always buy into your organisation: experience, expertise and access to skilled experts.

Acquiring such talent in-house could take years. We are continually updating our training, ensuring we are up to date on all new regulations and legislation, so all our clients benefit and are always being looked after.

Looking after data is what we do. It’s our bread and butter. We give you access to experts who understand any data issues you may have. My employees have all been there, got the T-shirt, and you know they’ll steer you in the right direction. They ensure you avoid costly mistakes and they save your valuable time. Why take the risk of getting something wrong, when outsourcing to a data company gives you access to a much deeper pool of experts, and takes all your data headaches away?

Why what we do works

We employ data hygiene practices and use industry leading software to ensure your data is cleansed to the highest standards, is accurate and, where necessary, is kept up to date. We take every step to ensure that data that is inaccurate or incomplete is either erased or amended.

We can make sure the data is going to exactly the right person, remove any problems, and make sure you are 100% ready for GDPR before next year, making sure a huge fine doesn’t land on your doorstep.

But that’s not the only way we can save you money.

You plan on sending 50,000 people a personalised mailshot. We run a data audit and discover there are 5000 records in total that are deceased, have moved address, or have been duplicated. At £3 per pack, that’s a direct saving of £15,000. What does £15,000 mean to your business?

The above example covers direct financial savings, but have you considered the potential brand damage in contacting people that have moved address or passed away? Almost incalculable.

Keeping honest

Data companies can, and do, play a big part in keeping you on the right side of the law. They are adept at sourcing the right data for your campaigns. They will clean it, massage it and keep it fit for purpose, while ensuring you do not fall foul of any data legislation.

Like it or not, data protection is very real. Many organisations will slip up in how they advertise, acquire customers, and retain them. Brands will become tainted as a more litigious and data educated public take control of their personal data and consider how organisations sell and market to them.

And yet, marketing is a necessity. Good marketing keeps you moving forward. Great marketing takes you to the next level.

A great data company is a worthwhile investment, if only for the advice we give. Yes, it is tempting to keep it all in-house, but over time, you may find that less cost-effective, perhaps a little rigid and lacking the expertise and knowledge you require.

If you want to keep your company moving forward and upward, then talk to Tailored Data Solutions.

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