Campaign & Cleansing Data Department

Where do you want to be?

Do you need to ensure your contacts are mailable?

Do you need to add, update or amalgamate data fields before going to print?

Data must be GDPR compliant, as per the directive it must be both accurate and up to date. We can get your data compliant, minimising the risk of complaints, fines and bad publicity.

How can we help?

We specialise in ensuring data is both accurate and up to date. With 15 years of experience in the data cleansing and marketing sectors we know what it takes to get your data mailable and compliant.

Our market leading software can detect and remove poor data, deceased and mover records. Moreover, we can improve the quality of address data to increase the chances of the mailing piece reaching its intented destination.

Our strategy for you!

We run client data through a set of data modules that can be separated out into two distinct sets of processes. The first involves improving the quality of the data and removing poor or obsolete data. The second involves adding, amalgamating and/or updating the data set to get the fields you need for your mailing.

Step 1 – data prep

The Royal Mail provides a PAF (Postcode Address File) database containing the UK’s addresses. We match client data against this database and update records where necessary – this can lead to an increase in mailing piece delivery rates. Then, we remove duplicates, deceased and mover records and can provide these back to the client. Poor or obsolete data is also removed.

Step 2 – mailing specifics

With a clean data file to work with we can add client specific fields, including mailing codes used to enable DSA mailing discounts. Other fields include sequence numbers, campaign codes, asks (charity specific), salutation, prize draw and much more. Morever, we can split or merge data using specific segments or even demographical and/or geographical information.

With the 2 steps complete the data is provided back in standard csv format ready to go to print!


How have our clients benefitted financially?

1. With GDPR compliant data there is no risk of any ICO fines or reputational damage;

2. Direct savings are made on mailing costs by removing poor or obsolete data – depending on the mailing size this can run into savings of tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds;

3. Updating and improving the quality of existing address data can mean keeping the data relevant, meaning your organisation can continue to stay engaged, the cost of which may be incalculable.

Data removal, update and improvement can lead to huge savings!


Marketing Data Management Factsheet

A downloadable file is coming soon!

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