Where do you want to be?

Are you storing potentially valuable data and doing little to nothing with it?

Did you know that insights derived from good data analysis can potentially lead to a competitive edge?

Data is a key organisational asset, it can lead to decisions that minimise waste and increase process efficiency. Moreover, data can help you identify which customer segments are profitable, or not.

How can we help?

We have been helping organisations across the UK use their data better, providing valuable insights that can be turned into meaningful decisions.

We can take away the data headache, bringing data together from different systems and locations, providing a more complete view of your data universe.

You may have questions you would like us to answer. This could be binary, such as buy or not buy, but may be more involved and require analysis around propensity, prediction and more. Whatever the question, or requirement, we can help and we use some of the best data cleansing (Part 1) and data analysis (Part 2) software in the market.

Our strategy for you!

Be it top-down (your data questions answered) or bottom-up (data mining) analysis, we have a plan to get you from data novice to data guru. Data guru status means you are collating, storing, analysis and reporting data and turning insights into potential actions.

Step 1 – data prep

Up to 90% of any data analysis project can involve bringing data together from different sources, structuring the data in a common format, and then removing any inaccurate or obsolete data. Any analysis from poor data can result in skewed or incorrect insights, therefore data prep is essential in the lead up to actual analysis.

Step 2 – data analysis

We now are confident in the data and can begin analysing it. Typical analysis includes regression, where we are attempting to understand the factors behind a determining variable, such as the previous example of buy or not buy. We could also be looking at the reasons behind average purchase order, which may be demographic (age, employment status, house size, number of children, etc.), geographic (region, town/city, postcode, etc.) behavioural and/or attitudinal.

The analysis we perform will depend on the outcomes you are seeking, and we’ll be scoping these out with out at an early stage.


How have our clients benefitted financially?

1. Inefficiencies within processes, departments, staff performance and similar can be identified, and improved;

2. Customer segments with a propensity to donate more, order more products, have a higher average order value, have a higher LTV, ROI and similar can be identified allowing the organisation to focus on attracting more of these;

3. Unprofitable product lines can be identified, and prices corrected or products removed.

These are the default areas organisations start to make improvements in, but there are many more!


Data Analysis Factsheet

A downloadable file is coming soon!

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