Data Cleansing Subscription

Where do you want to be?

Does your organisation need a data capacity?

Are you looking to reduce your Data department expenditure?

Our white labelled solution gives organisations the level of data support they require to continue servicing existing customers, win new work whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

How can we help?

Without a data offering many of our clients have lost out on new work. Our solution increases their offering, allows them to look bigger in the marketplace and win new work.

Finding suitable data expertise is a constant headache for many organisations. We can provide a number of services that go into our Data Department solution including managing organisational and client data, Data Protection Officer, GDPR compliance, FTP management, data cleansing, data analysis, marketing data management and more.

The Data Department you require will be dependent on your needs, and as with everything we do, the Data Department we build for you will be tailored.

Our strategy for you!

We understand how important it is to integrate with other departments, therefore we work through an onboarding process that gets us working with other key departments in your organisation. Over time the bond is strengthened as parties provide feedback and we understand your culture and procedures more.

Step 1 – onboarding

This is where you can provide information on existing procedures, or if you are new to data we can help you with this. We can use an internal email and we’ll provide relevant contact details. We do not use a ticketing system that puts you in a queue, we are on the end of a phone or email and will respond promptly. This is a good time to meet key staff that we are likely to be liaising with on a daily basis.

Step 2 – ongoing support

Depending on the agreement we have in place we may visit your organisation to catch up on existing projects, scheduling, feedback on previous projects, general data guidance and more.

The Data Department solutions works for organisations of varying size and type, whether it’s a number of services we offer, or one niche service such as cleansing or DPO as-a-service.


How have our clients benefitted financially?

1. The Data Department solution has resulted in an increase in income for our clients;

2. Customers have been able to continue servicing existing clients with our services;

3. Clients have been able to reduce data costs internally by outsourcing their data work to us, without reducing capacity or expertise or risk to continuity.

If you’re looking to manage data costs and expertise without risk to your offering and existing clients then our Data Department may be the solution you need!


Outsourced Data Department Factsheet

A downloadable file is coming soon!

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