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Where do you want to be?

Is your contact data in a mess and you don’t know where to start?

Have you removed duplicates, deceased and mover records and checked your data for GDPR compliance?

Name and address data can degrade at up to 3% per month. With GDPR now enforced cold data will be harder to come by, therefore organisations need to be keeping their data up to date and accurate for longer.

How can we help?

The GDPR is clear: data should be accurate and up to date. If you do not stay on top of your personal data it can quickly become inaccurate and out of date, putting you at risk of a non-compliance, complaints and a showdown with the ICO.

Our market leading software will reinvigorate your data, bringing back to life potentially obsolete data meaning you can continue to engage with contacts. How does it do this? Read more below.

Our strategy for you!

There is no standard process to follow and that’s because every client datafile we cleanse and update is unique. Before proceding with any work we provide a free data audit that outlines the areas for improvement and issues we have identified with your data.

Step 1 – enhance & enrich

The first stage of any cleansing work we do is to improve the quality of the names and addresses. The Royal Mail provides a Postcode Address File (PAF) database containing the most up-to-date set of UK addresses. We match your data to this database and make improvements, such as updating a postcode or adding a town. We also do subjective data checks looking for incorrect characters, blank addresses, obscenities and more, all of which will be flagged in our data audit report.

Step 2 – data removal

With the data quality improved we set about removing data that is obsolete or of a poor quality – these will be provided back to you in a separate file. Typical examples include records containing little data, no names or addresses, duplicates, deceased or address movers. In the UK thousands of people move address every year.

Data cleansing & update can keep your data relevant for longer, keeping the client engagement alive and your organisation compliant!


How have our clients benefitted financially?

1. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been saved by removing duplicated, deceased and mover records from databases;

2. By improving address quality delivery rates of mailing pieces have improved, leading to an increase in mailing campaign ROI;

3. Data cleansing gives clients a realistic quantity of clean contacts on their database – in the short-term this can be hard to take, but longer-term it means new campaigns to be put in place to attract more relevant and engaged contacts.

More organisations are turning to frequent data cleansing as a way of staying compliant!


Data Cleansing & Update Factsheet

A downloadable file is coming soon!

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