What do you get?

Our Free Data Audit will give you a full breakdown of data issues and exact costs. You may be surprised at how competitive our rates are.

The report will contain information on non-compliances, obsolete data, areas for improvement, duplicates as well as any obscenities, deceased or address mover records. Moreover, we understand that not all data is the same, and we will perform a subjective analysis – this means we will manually look over your data for any other issues, such as incorrect titles, missing surnames & similar.

Why do you offer a free data audit?

Our audit will contain a set of recommendations, however, you may only want to select one or two recommendations from our list.

What happens to my data?

Your data is securely and permanently deleted 14 working days after we last processed it from our secure FTP and internal servers. For more information on our Data Retention Policy click here.

Next steps

To get your Free Data Audit please open an account by selecting the button below.


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