Setting up an account with us

We use an internal secure FTP to receive client data files for cleansing, processing or analysis work. Please email us at if you prefer to use your own FTP site.

When using our FTP, and you are a new client, please follow the quick 2-step process below to register an account and upload your data.

Step 1 – new account and FTP

Please fill in the New Client Form on the right hand side, select Submit, and we will send you your new FTP username and password (in separate emails).

Step 2 – log in and upload

Using your username and password log in to our secure FTP at:

Upload your data files to the Input folder. We will then cleanse or process your data within 1 working day. For any analysis work we will provide delivery dates separately.

Once your data or reports are ready we will send you an email immediately!

Should you have any questions or encounter any issues please:

– call on 0800 612 6700; or

– email us at

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